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Retir​ement Planning

Planning for retirement is one of our most important financial goals, according to recent surveys. The problem is that many people say they haven't done it yet.

With an achievable financial plan in place, and regular review and adjustment as needed, you can have the financial success you want in your retirement years.

We can help you develop a plan you can comfortably maintain, and provide investments that will grow your capital and support you as your financial requirements change over time. Saving for retirement can be as easy as making a monthly Pre-Authorized Deposit into your plan. Let us help you set up and manage your ongoing program.

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Key Benefits

  • A solid retirement plan can easily work within your budget, turning saving for the future from a chore into a habit
  • A solid financial plan will ensure your financial needs can be met when you are no longer working
  • A solid retirement plan, if started early, can take advantage of time to grow much larger with a relatively small regular contribution

Tax and Estate Planning

Properly planning your estate will give you the peace of mind that your family will be provided for when you are no longer able to do so. We can help you navigate through the documents you need to ensure your plan is complete, and assist in your regular review. An effective estate plan incorporates life changes on an ongoing basis, so you can be sure that all important aspects of your estate are included should anything unexpected happen to you. We'll guide you through a comprehensive regular review to make sure you include everything you want in your plan.

Secure Financial Education Services

Your plan has to consider the effect of taxes on your investments and some of your property. Our expertise can help you determine how best to structure your estate to minimize the taxes that will have to be paid.

Key Benefits

  • Formulating Investment and Tax Strategies that are tailored to you and your family.
  • Structure your estate wisely using insurance products where they are applicable
  • Consider investment account types that will reduces taxes to your estate
  • Have a will and powers of attorney in place to ensure your wishes are met in case of sudden illness or death
  • Review your estate plan on a regular basis to incorporate changes

Investments and Financial Planning Services

Financial planning involves understanding not only your investments but also your debts. With our expertise behind you, you can develop a plan that reduces your debt load while you increase your investment capital and your net worth. The first step in the process is to sit with you and review your current situation, then help you develop and implement a financial management plan.

Secure Financial Education Services

Investment options include investment accounts, RRSPs, Tax-Free Savings Accounts and investments you can make for your children, such as Registered Education Savings Plans and in-trust savings accounts. We can advise you on the various types of accounts and how they can work for you. We can also help you find effective ways to pay down your mortgage and control the interest cost.

We will help you define your short and long term financial goals and set up your plan, help you understand the variety of investment options and choose those that fit your needs. With ongoing reviews of the markets and your requirements as they change, we will work with you so you can continue to meet your goals.

Contact us to talk about your financial future and we’ll be happy to give you a complimentary review of your current plan or help you start out with a new plan.

Key Benefits

  • Making and holding investments appropriate to your needs is the best way to make your money grow
  • A prudent financial plan considers how you can deal with the ups and downs of life before they happen
  • ​Insurance policies can give peace of mind about income gaps due to disability or critical illness
  • ​​Effectively plan to pay down debts so you get the most advantage at the lowest interest costs

Income and Cash Flow Generation

The ultimate goal of your investment plan is to generate income while it extends the life of your capital investment.

We will show you savings options that will build the cornerstones of your income, and, when you need that income, we will help you find and manage the investments or income plans that will give you the best possible income stream with the least possible effect on your capital value.

Secure Financial Education Services

Accomplishing this goal is easier than you may think. If you are still in the saving stage, talk to us about regular Pre-Authorized Deposits into your investment account now and how it will make a difference when you need the income later.

For individuals needing income and cash flow now, we can help you find and manage the investments that will provide the cash flow you need while minimizing the effect on your capital

Key Benefits

  • ​You can understand in advance just how your capital will produce income later on and plan accordingly
  • Together we can manage your investments to ensure your cash flow can continue to be optimized, now or in the future


Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance

Life Insurance is an integral part of any financial plan. It allows you the peace of mind that you can continue towards financial independence even if you or a family member have to deal with the unexpected death of a loved one.

Critical illness insurance can help protect your finances if you cannot work due to a critical illness.

Secure Financial Education Services

Disability insurance will replace a substantial portion of the income you may lose while you are disabled, reducing your stress and allowing you to focus on regaining your health and getting back to work.
We can help you choose and tailor the best insurance plan for you and your family that provides the coverage you need at a cost that will fit into your comprehensive financial plan.

​Do you need insurance? Follow this link to Manulife's to find out. We'll help you work out the best insurance plan to fit your needs and budget.

Our company offers Life/CI/Group insurance products through all major providers.

Key Benefits

  • Term, whole life and universal life insurance policies can provide coverage for specific needs
  • Critical Illness and disability (income replacement) insurance can give peace of mind that your finances will not suffer should you experience a health problem

Business Consulting

Small businesses and family owned businesses need to devote time to navigate through the wealth of information and the various grant, loan and tax programs available through the federal and provincial governments, including the Canada Small Business Financing Program. We can give you back that time by helping you locate the programs applicable to your needs and can help you prepare and submit the necessary documentation.

Secure Financial Education Services

We can also provide business owners and managers with accounting services, tax planning, group benefits and investment plans. Call us for more information.

  • ​Group Registered Pension Plans
  • ​Group RRSP Plans
  • ​Group Benefits Plans
  • Personal Tax Preparation/Filing
  • Representation to CRA on your behalf
  • Opening New Companies/Corporations
  • ​Accounting Services
  • ​Tax Planning
  • ​Succession Planning
  • Year End Accounting
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Small Business Accounting
  • ​Government Loan, Grant and Tax Programs​
  • HST Preparation and Filing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Corporate Tax Preparation/Filing

Key Benefits

  • ​​We can guide you through and help prepare documentation for government applications
  • ​Integrated services can help reduce your overall administrative costs
  • ​One consultant who knows your business can help you find and manage programs in multiple areas, saving you time